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الأحد، 6 سبتمبر 2015

Why do people use snaphat ?

Why do people use snaphat?

The "It's Personal" side is honestly the main item hampering my engagement with snaphat. In my experience over 50% the items 'personally' shared are also shared publicly. Which makes it feel like Instagram plus the ability to send push notifications to specific users.

Not sure if anyone else experiences the same thing. Maybe I just have lame friends

Snapchat in 2015: Has anyone declined an offer to work at snaphat?

Valuation does not reflect company's revenue and future, it's more about market expectation. Outside states, there is culture difference, and  inside states, each generation has distinct different view on what they like for social, considering first few years how viral and crazy FB was.

Why is snaphat blocked in China?

But, would not that apply to 99% of all tech companies (Facebook, Google, Yahoo...)? With cloud storage and geo redundancy, it is not always possible to store user data in one geography.
Can you point to some English language page of these regulations? I'm really curious about it as we are trying to expand more into Taiwan and China and want to understand more on this topic.

Does snaphat turning down a $3B offer say something about Silicon Valley?

On a side note - it is sad that the best minds in the world are lured to working on the nth way to connect people and let them share photographs of their cats, which is at best an incremental value, while there are bigger problems of education, healthcare, environment and so on, where one can cause a greater, more tangible difference to people's lives. 

An associated question - do you think these guys aren't obligated to use their intelligence and opportunity to leave the world a better place? I'm curious to know your thoughts.

How do I know if someone deleted me from snaphat?

If you deleted someone then added them again a few days later and they are on your list as best friend even though it's been days from the last snap does that mean you are still on their list as well or will they need to add me again? I was able to snap them but I think it's because they accept snaps from anyone

Why should I worry about the snaphat data leak?

There are also a few subreddits where people list their usernames along with "inappropriate" requests. Presumably those people don't want those traced back to their real identity.